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“King of Kings” Christmas Special Tells the Nativity Story with a Twist

The “King of Kings” network television Christmas special utilizes several creative elements to tell the story of the birth of Jesus in terms that are attractive to today’s viewers. The production is composed of a recurring series of musical selections, theatrical monologues, and sermonettes that systematically tell the story of Jesus’s birth and its relevance to the for the today’s world.

The performances are centered around a fictitious narrative (written by the late Jeff Wood) of the innkeeper’s daughter who’s curiosity compelled her to go and see the baby Jesus for herself. She begins her story with frustration at her father’s insistence that there is no room in the inn” and that this newborn baby was placed in an animal’s feeding trough. This frustration leads to concern, and then curiosity. Her reluctance and curiosity, and subsequent confidence and joy from having met the child, are resonant of the universal journey of faith and discovery.

The musical selections performed by the Oakwood University Aeolians, Jazz recording artist Sheléa, and gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin, provide a type of musical echo to the primary elements of the story. The Aeolians sing the Hallelujah Chorus as did the angels on the night that Christ was born. Sheléa reverberates the sentiments of the virgin Mary’s bewilderment, singing Whitney Houston’s “Who Would Imagine a King?” Finally, Kirk Franklin provides the grand finale with a rendition of his hits songs “Silent Night” and “Hosanna.” These along with several other selections make for a sumptuous musical sounding board for the story.

Interspersed throughout the musical selections and monologues are sermonettes delivered by Breath of Life TV Ministries Speaker/Director, Dr. Carlton Byrd, which add meaning and a contemporary framework for viewers to engage with the story of Jesus. Dr. Byrd tells about the irony of the virgin birth and a peasant king. He connects viewers to the story with an appeal to the human desire for belonging and transcendence. Then, he closes with an invitation to be prepared to welcome Jesus at the second coming.

Collectively, the production composes a compelling depiction of the story of Jesus’ birth. It inspires and challenges viewers to come to faith. Nonetheless, with attractive visual and musical arrangements and performances it manages to provide quality entertainment as well. KIng of Kings provides all of the elements of must-see TV during the Christmas holiday.

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