East New York SDA

Like all other congregations, East New York SDA Church is forced to adjust our operations. Because of logistics we have had to close the food pantry. We presently present do all of our services (church, prayer meeting, board and departmental meetings) via various social media tools such as Google Classroom, conference call s and other technology. 

East New York SDA church has a large population of elderly members and many of them have been sick for a few weeks now. Those members have quarantined themselves. While most of them are slowly getting better, we presently have a few members who tested positive for the virus. Sadly, we have lost two members to the virus and at this time the church is in mourning.

Since we are now doing everything online, the children’s ministry has created a Google classroom with activities to keep the younger ones engaged. The youth department has started a weekly meeting on Mondays and we have had non-Adventists joining in that meeting. To help with the socializing, after vespers on Sabbath evening, we leave the conference line open for the members to talk with each other, (just like they would after service). The elders also meet twice per week for prayer and we come together as a church for Friday evening vespers and our regular Wednesday night and Sabbath meetings.

by Pastor Raymond Alcock, East New York Church