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The Health Ministries Department is a cause of both physical and Spiritual changes in the lives of the members of our churches. It influences the now and then; the here and now, and also the hereafter. In fact, Ellen White states that it has to do with our sanctification and eventual eternal salvation. Our every action, resting or working, eating or drinking, worshiping or mere fellowship, found us obeying or disobeying the laws of health. Since we cannot escape the influence of this department, we may need to observe its many recommendations to improve our quality of life.

Health of the community is a vital focus of Health Ministries. The Breathe-Free Plan to Stop Smoking is successfully being run in many countries throughout the world, and has brought freedom to many who struggled with tobacco addiction. It is one of the oldest programs in the world to help people quit smoking. The use of alcohol and other sensory-altering drugs is actively addressed through community programs from Health Ministries and other collaborating organizations.

The health ministry of the Adventist Church includes a healthcare delivery system of church-operated clinics and hospitals throughout the world. There are top-quality medical universities and schools of learning, along with "bare-essentials" clinics serving the developing world. Through all of these avenues, the goal of Health Ministries is to make people whole in an imperfect and disease-ravaged world. Health Ministries advises the church on health issues and is proactive in providing resources to the world church on health. Because health and wellness are a positive support for spiritual well-being, this ministry is as vital to the work of the church as any other.

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