PJ Cambridge NE 1st Place

Northeastern Conference holds a rich tradition in one of it’s many youth ministry initiatives. Bible Bowl, which was created by Elder Trevor Baker, has been a long standing ministry that has encouraged many, from ages 6 and older, to read, study and show themselves approved of what they have learned in a friendly team competition. This year was no different as Northeastern Conference Youth Ministries held the annual Bible Bowl Conference Championships in Stamford, Connecticut at the Stamford Marriott Hotel, June 8-9, 2018.

The guest speaker for the championships was Pastor Easton Marks (Flatbush SDA Church). There were 32 teams and 19 churches that participated this year. Listed below are the championship results. The first place winners go on to compete at the BAYDA (Black Adventist Youth Directors Association) Bible Bowl Nationals with teams from across the country and Canada. This year the BAYDA Nationals will be held in (Stafford) Houston, Texas, October 26-27, 2018. Congratulations to all of the Northeastern Bible Bowl teams.

Pre-Junior: 1st-New England (Cambridge); 2nd-Queens (Village); 3rd- Bronx-Manhattan (Bronx)

 PJ Village 2nd Place PJ Bronx 3rd Place






 1st, Cambridge                                                        2nd, Village                                                                   3rd, Bronx


Junior: 1st-New England (Cambridge); 2nd-Bronx-Manhattan (North Bronx Ghana); 3rd-Brooklyn North (Hanson Place)

 Juniors Cambridge 1st PlaceJuniors N Bronx Ghana 2nd PlaceJuniors Hanson Place 3rd Place






1st, Cambridge                                                                2nd, North Bronx Ghana                                             3rd, Hanson Place


Senior: 1st-Brooklyn North (South Brooklyn); 2nd-Queens (Lebanon); 3rd-New England (Faith)

Seniors BkN S. BK 1st Place Seniors Lebanon Queens 2nd place Seniors Faith 3rd place






 1st, South Brooklyn                                                             2nd , Lebanon                                                          3rd, Faith


Young Adult: 1st-New England (Faith); 2nd-Queens (South Ozone); 3rd-Brooklyn North (Christian Fellowship)

YA Faith 1st Place YA South Ozone 2nd Place YA Christian Fellowship 3rd Place






 1st, Faith                                                                         2nd, South Ozone                                                        3rd, Christian Fellowship


Adult: 1st-Brooklyn North (South Brooklyn); 2nd-New England (Berea, MA); 3rd-Brooklyn South Staten Island (Goshen Temple)

Adult 1st South Brooklyn Adult 2nd BereaAdult 3rd Goshen 






 1st, South Brooklyn                                                         2nd, Berea, MA                                                             3rd, Goshen Temple