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The Northeastern Conference is currently undergoing maintenance. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our site for 2017. For questions regarding upcoming conference events, the calendar will be updated shortly. Until then, please contact the desired conference department directly for needed information.

Adventist Community Services – scadrot@

Education – jserapio@

Clerks – larchie@

Communication – jlendor@

Family Life/Haitian Ministries – mjean-philippe@

Health/Hispanic Ministries – drosales@

Ministerial – jboutros@

Personal Ministries – lgordon@

Prayer Ministry – plangley@

Religious Liberty – lbrown@ 

Sabbath School – phuerfano@

Stewardship – ffrancis@

Womens Ministry – ecarter@

Risk Management – bhall@

Youth Ministries – youthdept@