On Sunday June 26, 2016, the newly elected Northeastern Conference Executive Committee met to select conference departmental directors who will serve for the next quadrennium, as directed by the delegates during the June 5th constituency session. After prayerful consideration and dialogue the following individuals were elected to serve until 2020 by the Executive Committee:


Assistant to the President

  for Communication:                              JeNean Lendor

Adventist Book Center:                          Stacy Gordon-Dally

Community Services:                             Fitzgerald Kerr

Education Superintendent:                    Viola Chapman

Family Life Directors:                             Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes & Baldwin Barnes

Franco-Haitian Ministries Director:        Japhet St.Louis

Health MInistries:                                   Leroy Dailey

Hispanic Ministries Director:                  Hector Ramos

Ministerial Secretary:                             Ainsworth Joseph

Personal Ministries Director:                  Kendall Guy

Religious Liberty & Trust Svcs:              Lawrence Brown

Sabbath School  Superintendent:          Pablo Huerfano

Stewardship  Secretary:                         Ferron Francis

Women’s Ministry Director:                    Mireille St. Pierre

Youth Ministries Director                        David McKenzie