Speaking at the Commencement Service for New York Schools, Dr. Greg Baldeo, Superintendent of Schools for Northeastern Conference (NEC), signals a paradigm shift in how education is packaged, delivered and received across the educational territories that span New York State, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

“We are graduating from one level and moving onto another,” said Dr. Baldeo to a packed audience. “While we are graduating individual students today, our institutions must also graduate from yesterday and move into tomorrow. We must leave the 18th-century educational model and move into the 21st century.” 

The Northeastern Conference has embarked on a strategic restructuring of its education system, consolidating several schools and realigning resources for a more efficient and effective organization across its territory. Baldeo highlighted that it will not be business as usual. According to Baldeo, “Adventist education is paramount to the success of the Seventh-day Adventist mission. Therefore, the importance and prioritization must be tantamount to all aspects of our movement.” 

Over the course of the next few weeks, several initiatives will be launched. These include a new brand, portrait of a graduate, and a robust four-year strategic plan. Signaling the new movement, Baldeo changed his dress shoes into trendy sneakers. “No longer will you see the Superintendent in the expected footwear, but going forward, this metaphoric move will signal an imagery of newness, transformation and a graduation from yesterday into tomorrow,” stated Baldeo. 

A new brand for Northeastern Adventist Academy will be launched the first week of the NEC camp meeting scheduled for Sabbath, June 25, 2022. The essence of the new brand is, ‘Building Something Better.’