Name Ext. Position
Archie,   Lorraine 2227 Administrative Assistant, Secretariat
Alcon, Javier 2246 Associate Youth Director
Barnes,   Baldwin 2248 Associate Family Life Director
Boutros,   Junia 2237 Administrative   Assistant, Ministerial
Chandler, Robert 2233 Treasurer
Bozkurt,   Anna 2211 Assistant   Treasurer
Brady,   Rosemarie 2228 Administrative   Assistant, Secretariat; HR Director
Bridge-Levy,   Dawn 2214 Administrative   Assistant, President
Brown,   Lawrence 2226 Religious Liberty Director
Campbell, Raymond 2209 Auditor
Baldeo, Greg 2249 Superintendent of Education
Daley, Julie Ann 2201 ABC/Accountant
Deonarine, Joshua 2232 Health Ministries Director
King, Eldeen 2229 Executive   Secretary
Gordon, Leila 2260 Administrative Assistant, Personal Ministries
Dally, Stacy 2205 ABC Manager
Rose, Walton 2259 Personal Ministries Director
Hall, Barbara 2203 Risk Management Director
Neckles, Margaret 2208 Accounts Receivable
Holmes, Ligia 2234 Administrative Assistant, Treasurer
Holmes, Roger 2202 Assistant to Risk Management
Jules, Abraham 2219 President
Jean-Phillipe, Marlaine 2257 Administrative Assistant, Family Life, Franco-Haitian Ministries
Blue, Dedrick 2238 Ministerial Secretary
Lamour, Serge 2254 Franco-Haitian Ministries Coordinator
Marks, Easton 2261 Sabbath School Director
Carrington, Hugh 101 Prayer Coordinator
Francois, Duddley 2223 Communication Director, Associate Youth Director
2222 Stock   Room and Copy Center Manager
Nicholas, Donna 2210 Assistant Treasurer
Phillip-Carter, Eslyn 2284 Administrative Assistant, Stewardship, Religious Liberty
Blair, Samuel 2248 Family & Children’s Ministries, Ministerial Spouses Director
Ramos, Hector 2235 Hispanic Ministries Coordinator
2212 Controller
Rosales, Dilma 2236  Administrative Assistant, Hispanic, Health Ministries
Francis, Ferron 2242 Assistant Treasurer
Serapio, Juliet 2250 Administrative Assistant, Education
Cadrot, Suesianna 2279 Administrative Assistant, Women’s, Sabbath School
St. Pierre, Mirielle 2241 Office Manager, Human Resources
Martin, Allen 2225 Public Relations & Religious Liberty Director
Vilma, Randy 2218 Auditor
Olivier, Paula 2245 Adventist Youth & Young Adult Ministries Director
Wilson, Cheryll

Blake, Donnett



Assistant Communication Director, IT Specialist 

Women’s Ministries Director

Conference  Fax Line 718-739-5133
Security 2216
Operator 2200
Committee   Room 2239
Multipurpose   Room 2256
ABC   Store 2217 718-657-8800,   Fax 718-657-8802
Camp   Victory Lake 845-229-8851,   Fax 845-229-0036
Atlantic   Union Conference 978-368-8333
Prayer   Hot Line 530-881-1400,   PIN 888874#, *6