Northeastern Conference Officials used the Camp Meeting gathering to inaugurate the newly established Victory Wellness Center Inc. on Sabbath July 7th. The new entity will accommodate 6-8 guests year round in weekly cycles seeking to improve their health through natural health principles. The intent is not to override medical advice of personal physicians but rather to enhance health in addition to standard medical care. Guest will be provided with education on controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and similar ailments through the adequate use of diet and exercise. The center will provide hydrotherapy, massages, healthy cooking lessons and exercise to teach participants lifestyle changes to improve health.

The State of New York issued a certificate of incorporation to the Victory Wellness Center in late June 2018. The facilities are located at 232 Cardinal Road in Hyde Park New York on 7 acre tract of land purchased one year ago by the Northeastern Conference adjacent to Camp Victory Lake. It housed in former 5 bedroom pristine home. Mr. Maurice Montrose serves as Director over a staff of four and the center is supervised by its own seven-member board of directors.

Presently the center is accepting reservations for September to December. Individuals wishing to reserve a slot may do so calling the Victory Wellness Center at (845) 405-2453.


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