Jamaica SDA Church

Presently, Jamaica Church has over ten persons affected by the virus. We have one member deceased, an elderly shut-in at a nursing home. There several members of our church family who have lost family members to the virus.

We have many glorious reasons to celebrate as many of our members have recovered from the virus and are still going through the healing process.

As a church family, we established a Constant In Prayer at 12:00 noon each day and the Seven Days around the COVID-19 Wall.

Our worship services, pastoral counseling support services have moved to online through using the Zoom platform. We continue to serve the Jamaica-Queens Community through our Food Pantry on Sundays with our volunteers having the necessary productive equipment.

For this coming Mid-Week Prayer Service we will be having a session with the NEC & Queens Health Ministries with Dr. Heather McBride, RN, NPD, teaching our members to boost their immune system.

This coming Sabbath, April 11th, we will focus on two social issues directly and indirectly relating to the COVID19. Those issues are, CENSUS2020 for rebuilding after COVID19 and filing for COVID related unemployment. We will be having several social workers having the conversations relating to these pertinent issues.

We continue to pray while we #StayClean #StayClear #StayCovered during COVID19.


by Pastor Rohan K. Spencer, Jamaica SDA Church