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PERSONAL Ministries

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Personal Ministries Department is to make disciples through caring relationships that inspire, motivate, equip, mobilize and unite laity and pastors in reaching the community and the world with the Everlasting Gospel.


Leading people in a lifetime commitment to Christ that prepares them for dynamic Christian service.

I.        Goals:

·       Revitalize evangelism in existing churches
·       Reach Message and Ingathering goals
·       Discipleship training in all churches
·       Establish virtual bible studies
·       Revive Prison Ministries

II.       Objectives:

·       Enlist every member in active soul-winning service for God
·       Distribution of literature
·       Giving personal bible studies
·       Utilize all social media platforms for the proclamation of the gospel
·       Lay preaching
·       Organizing the annual Ingathering program
·       Each One Reach One School of Evangelism
·       Cooperating with Sabbath School Department in organizing and running Sabbath School Action Unit
·       Cooperating with the local church pastor in the organization and management of Small Group Ministries
·       Training of Bible Workers
·       Community Project Initiatives
·       Mobilizing Personal Ministries Federation
·       Interfacing with independent ministries
·       Establish youth evangelism
·       Support Prison Ministry
·       Promote and Conduct lay evangelistic meetings

III.     Growing in Leadership:

To create a culture of multiplication through discipleship:

a.    Reiterate the biblical command to make disciples
b.    Increase the number of disciples giving Bible Studies by 15%
c.     Facilitate the distribution of at least 80K free Bible Study Lessons
d.    Establish two worship services for the incarcerated
e.    Prison Ministries training every year

IV.    Core Values:

·       Trust-Authenticity/Transparency
·       Psychological Safety
·       Diversity-Inclusion Equity
·       Collaboration/Laity and Pastors
·       Community-Where people are Heard, Seen, and Valued


The major goal of the Northeastern Conference Personal Ministries Department is to train, equip and involve the laity in the united effort of finishing the work of God in this part of the vineyard.


Message Magazine Information

For information regarding Message Magazine, call Virginia Ramsey at 800-456-3991, Ext. 8. Please make checks payable to “Message” or “Pacific Press”. Cost per subscription (6 magazines) is $12.95. If mailing to an address outside of the US, add $7.00 for postage, for a total of $19.95.

Please mail subscriptions to:
Pacific Press Publishing Association

Message Campaign
P.O. Box 5353
Nampa, Idaho 83653

For more information, contact the Personal Ministries Department

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Sharing Christ in the Market Place

Personal Ministries Resources from Advent Source

1-800-328-0525 Advent Source Website

PM ProductsBooks Include:

  • Personal Ministries Leader
  • Sermon Preparation
  • Reclaiming the Missing
  • Motivating Members to Witness
  • Methods of Door-to-Door Visitation
  • Principals of Church Growth
  • Prison Ministries
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Personal Witnessing
  • Gaining Decisions for Christ and His Truth.

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