UM Doctoral Photo

It was in 2015 that the pioneer of this Overseas Bi-lingual PHD in Business administration program Dr. Stephen Wayne Pilgrim, an international Economist and Professor formerly based in the Trans-European Division (UK), approached the Ministerial Secretary of Northeastern Conference Dr. Ainsworth E. Joseph to co-engineer the first-ever North American international Cohort , to be offered through the University of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico – one of the flagship Universities of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. The goals of this program were to bridge the language and cultural gap between Hispanic and English Pastors and congregations, and to enhance the administrative skills of Pastors. Many doubted while others questioned the possibility of such an initiative. However, some captured the vision and immediately enrolled in the pilot program.

The program was generated by the Post-Graduate Coordinator at the School of Business, Enterprise & Law, Professor Dr. Pedro Gonzalez; and received its blessings from the President of Universidad de Montemorelos, Professor Ismael Castillo Osuna, as a very innovative and ‘blue ocean’ proposal.

In addition to the main target group of the program, which was Pastors and Administrators with at least a Master’s Degree education, other employees from North Eastern, other Conferences, Inter-American Division and the business community were allowed into the program. On May 19, 2019 the ‘first-fruits’ of 16 doctors were graduated, with at least 6 more to follow in graduating in May, 2020. (See Photo)

We congratulate each of these ‘history-making Ph.D graduates’ and affirm the vision and work of the pioneers for this established legacy in Northeastern Conference. Persons interested in joining this august group of Doctors of Business Administration can contact Dr. Ainsworth Joseph through A second cohort is already started and a third is being developed to begin late 2019/2020.

To God we ascribe the glory for this remarkable accomplishment!

In photo from left to right are the Professors/Advisors for the Ph.D graduates: Dr. Ronny Kountur, Dr. Juan Carlos Niño de Guzmán, Dra. Karla Saraí Basurto Gutiérrez, Dr. Pedro Armengol Gonzales Urbina, Dra. Flor de Cerezo Ontiveros RamÍrez, Dr. Omar Arodi Flores Laguna and Dr. Stephen Wayne Pilgrim. Newly graduated with the Ph.D in business administration are: Auguste-George, Mary Brigid; Barthelmey, Reginald R., (GNYC Minister ial Secretary) and spouse Barthelemy Leconte, Chirlene; Coleman, Michael George; Holmes, Ligia Cecilia; Honoré, Daniel Lamartine (NEC President); Jean-Philippe, Yrvain; Joseph, Ainsworth Eddison (NEC Ministerial Secretary); Monestime, Jean Flavio; Neckles, Margaret (NEC Associate Treasurer); Olivier, Smith; Philbert, Andrew Cosmas; Pierre-Antoine, Arbentz Andre; Quow, Keston Michael (of Trinidad and Tobago); Ramoutar, Prakash (VP for Finance University of the Southern Caribbean); Wesley Jr., Philip Mcguire.


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