On Monday June 27, 2022, the Goshen Temple of Seventh-day Adventists hosted a town hall meeting with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, NYC Commissioners, clergy and other faith based groups within the borough of Brooklyn. The purpose of this meeting was to inform faith groups on how they can better partner with the city and access the resources they provide. Mayor Adams made his intentions clear that he wants to see churches be the point of contact towards the community.

Dr. Leroy Daley, pastor of the Goshen Temple of Seventh-day Adventists, welcomed the community leaders as well as provided health tips and resources for every attendee. Dr. Ainsworth Keith Morris, Assistant to the President for Learning & Development, brought greetings on behalf of the Northeastern Conference. Mayor Adams acknowledged the Adventist church as a group focused on restoring the health of their community. He testified of his experience at Goshen Temple; mentioning that the church takes health seriously.

The town hall meeting discussed many topics including affordable housing and resources for youth mental health programs. Leaders were able to connect with civil leaders to help their causes. The Goshen Temple staff provided a plant based lunch for all of the guests.

For photos, please check the Northeastern Conference Facebook page.