The delagates of the Northeastern Conference voted the following departmental directors:

Adventist Community Services – Mario Augustave

Communications – Pastor Duddley Francois

Family Life – Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Andrea Blair

Franco Haitian Coordinator – Serge Lamour

Health Ministries – Dr. Joshua Deonarine

Hispanic Coordinator – Hector Ramos

Ministerial – Dr. Dedrick Blue

Personal Ministries – Dr. Walton Rose

Portuguese Coordinator – Pastor Marcos Seifert

Religious Liberty – Dr. Allen Martin

Sabbath School – Pastor Easton Marks

Stewardship Director – Pastor Clifford Manie

Trust Services – Dr. Ferron Francis

Women’s Ministries – Dr. Donnette Blake

Youth Ministries – Dr. Paula Olivier

Associate Youth Ministries Director – Pastor Javier Alcon

Associate Youth Ministries Director – Pastor Duddley Francois