Annually, the Black Adventist Youth Directors Association (BAYDA) sponsors the National Bible Bowl Competition. Various conferences, regional and non-regional, send their young people and young at heart, to the host location to play with other teams that they have never met before. This year, the designated  location was Houston, Texas and the host conference was the Southwest Region Conference. Northeastern Conference is no stranger to Bible Bowl, as it was birthed by our very own, Elder Trevor Baker. Throughout the year, teams from the churches study the designated Bible books for the season and then meet to compete locally, conference-wide and then nationally. The 2018 Bible Bowl Nationals brought together five teams: Pre-Juniors from Cambridge SDA Church, Juniors from Cambridge SDA Church, Seniors from South Brooklyn SDA Church, Young Adults from Faith SDA Church and the Adults from South Brooklyn SDA Church.

It should be noted that this was the first year for the Young Adult team from Faith SDA Church to compete in Bible Bowl ever. They were undefeated locally, conference-wide and nationally. 

Congratulations to the Northeastern Conference Bible Bowl teams who medaled in each division at the BAYDA Bible Bowl Nationals in Houston, Texas. 
Pre-Juniors – Cambridge Church – 2nd Place
Juniors – Cambridge Church – 2nd Place
Seniors – South Brooklyn Church – 2nd Place 
Young Adults – Faith Church – 1st Place
Adults – South Brooklyn Church – 2nd Place


 Pre-Juniors, Cambridge SDA Church











BBJuniors Juniors, Cambridge SDA Church












 Seniors, South Brooklyn SDA Church












 Young Adults, Faith SDA Church











BBAdultsAdults, South Brooklyn SDA Church 












Pictures and Article by Jenean Lendor, Assistant to the President for Communications